Saturday, February 28, 2004

Remember to site the sources for copyright information. Website, very cool java script for the date and time. Website is a great resource for putting up information. Discussion board or a form page to publish up works of students.
Video clip of a play. orientation of the school. Create a certificate for progress and achievement. KidPix to make a little booklet. Uninac tribal pictographs and translations.
Where to go to download music for presentations?
Story in PPt. picture slide and text slide. Using Paint for drawing, clipart too. Make sure you have a legal computer. teach using the telephone game style. teach one, they teach another, they teach another. Work on computer during slient reading time for the class.
Need intensive web design class.
outstanding book site on web. Slate Citation Machine form, very useful tool for citing information. Ebsco Host - access to this online because we have access through the schools.
Don't forget about TrackStar. great for virtual field trips and to prepare for a real field trip to know what to look for before you go. Set up a real field trip, takes alot of planning. Newsletter brochure for book reviews and compare and contract with a movie. National Book Awards. Cite your references. Photograph for class events, PPt. slide show with custom animation. Photo Editor to lighten photographs, PPt. also can do this with Picture Toolbar. Get photos during dress rehearsals. Memory stick is great. Resolution on the camera.

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