Thursday, February 26, 2004

*$'s, sorry folks I am a coffee snob. I must admit I had a cup of their Varona the other day on the way to class because the student union serves *$ coffee and it was a decent cup of joe. Straight Cain's brewed fresh is not too bad by comparison and is cheaper. I do have the site but it needs a lot of work and a bunch of contributors would be really nice. The Oklahoma City Coffee Connection could be the place to be and be seen. I need a volenteer with more knowledge in HTML and webpage design we can kick this thing up a notch or two.
Coffee Drinkers Unite! Let me know.
See that link over on the left? Peet's. Great coffee. Check out their coffee buyers guide with the honeycomb. That is a very cool internet tool!
By the way if I have not told you all lately. I love you, man.

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