Saturday, February 28, 2004

Use the local cable channel for video for the schools. Must be sure it is okay for public broadcast. PPt. can also be put up on the cable channel. Live games on the Channel 18 with student commentators.
Manners packet in publisher. Rules to follow.
How to guides. How to thread the sewing machine.Receipies from the Internet to create a fun cookbook. Class procedures on PPt.
Use PPt. instead of the chalk board in the classroom. Bell work, reminders, notes, literary analysis, Who RU? presentation with different medias. Rubrics. How to research on the Internet, check your resources.
graphic organizers are helpful. study guide sheets.
Create a communication log for tracking. Use a table in Word. We need a How To guide resource section on the SBC website.
Flash Drives are great for saving and moving files, and backing up materials. Office Depot had a sell this last week for $20 for 128.

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