Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Got home this afternoon and blew a little glass. Working on a particular shape. Sort of a round base and a long thin neck. Work the piece just a bit after the transfer to open the neck some. The length comes from swinging before the transfer and the roundness is best created by a bit of jacking near the botton to squeeze in the neck. Thus cutting in a cool spot for when blowing the bottom third of the piece expands round. It comes out pretty good and is really a pretty decent vase for flowers. Could be a bit thin in the neck but not sure. Need to get some good flowers for these vases to see. Trying different colors too. All and all not a bad evening in the studio.
Putting off writting for the class with Dr. P. It is a lot to do and not too motivated but I will get to it tomorrow and Friday and the weekend to try to make something come together. Lacking the focus necessary.
Have also to start on the CHT3 grant website. It is going to come together beautifully. I think we can really make an impact with it. Keep track of time and journal. Not to bad all in all.
You all behave.

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