Wednesday, March 10, 2004

How do you stay calm in the middle of a storm? Where do you go inside to protect yourself from the debris? First time in while that I have had a student be abrasive. "I hate this class and I hate the teacher." Ask a question and get "why?" in response. I tried to let it wash over me. Do not let it stir any reaction. Smile and say thank you. Yes it is offensive but thank you for sharing. Answer a question with "why?" Another one asked if I were a Buddhist because I was being so peaceful.
That then begs for an answer. I do not know what I am. Many things I suppose. Can one be all things. Can one take things from everything and combine it to one? Does one need to only have devotion to one philosophy? I understand that a committment to one belief system will allow the individual to become totally emerged in that way. With that way of being transforming the individual because of the complete faith. When we take something of a philosophy without completely understanding the whole of the thing it is therefore lessened. Taking a part, perhaps the best parts, out of context then the system becomes bastardized. But often we only take what we like the leave the rest. How many of us really accept the whole of the belief system to which we ascribe?
Is it possible to be a christian, taoist, muslim, jew, krishna, animist, aboriginal, universalist? and who would want too? I know some people active in this project. Interesting stuff.
I am not questioning my faith, or any one elses. Just the nature of the faith. I heard once that you have to question. In questioning you really learn what you believe. In knowing what we believe we grow.
Things to ponder on this glorious day instead of studying for a test this afternoon.

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