Monday, March 08, 2004

I made a post on Friday and it did not show. It was a cool website link. I do not know why it disappered.
Wondering? Can I really sound like Carrie with questions in a blog? She could come up with such cool things to say that would encase an entire episode. Crazy.
How about the bear? What does that mean. I am reminded of Ghost Dog again. The bear. You do not see many of those big black bears anymore. Is that why you shoot them? The Bear in ancient cultures was equal to man. Is the bear within us? Is it the manifestation of what we wish to become? Can we let loose the bear within to be tribal in an individual society? Where is the clan, i.e. family, in realtion to the bear? What medicine does the bear bring? Healing of the heart, healing of the soul. The bear is the healer. The bear brings together again those things that have been torn from us. The medicine of the bear is the root. Perhaps he is there to show us the root of the problem, the causes, the things which grow from the seeds.
They say then that the seeds we nourish withus are the seeds that grow. We can choose to water and nurture the seeds of love, peace, harmony, equinimity within and without us. We can choose to grow the seeds of hatred, anger and discontent and those are the ones which will grow and foster. Choose. All the seeds are within us. It is up to us as individuals and as a group, a society, a clan to grow the seeds of change within each other. Which seeds do I show you by example?

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