Thursday, March 11, 2004

Plan for the week ahead. I think we have a schedule for the glass studio. It looks to be a good one. I think we are going to take a day and clean up the yard too. We have a lot to move around and get organized. I am going to try to get a pathway poured too. I think it will help to have a clean solid walkway down to the barn. I have a family of young men who do work for us from time to time and hope they can come out and do the grunt work.
Cleaning and grinding of pieces too. We need to get some pieces boxed up and ready in case we make it in the Paseo show. We have a bunch of stuff that can go on a $10 table. I am not sure what people will want either.
Once again putting off class work for the university. I know that once I jump in and get it done it will not be too bad. It is just getting to the point of doing it. It is like swimming at 6:30 a.m. The water is cold. It is inevitable. Just do it.

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