Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sing, Sing a song, Sing outload, Make it strong...
For Tony Orlando and ...
One thing

Restless tonight - Can not sleep because a cat is howling outside the window
Cause I wasted the light - My batteries ran out
Between both these times - 10 and 11
I drew a really thin line - it was Red
It’s nothing I planned - I failed out of Archtecture School
And not that I can - I used to work in a Tuna Factory
But you should be mine - digging for gold, maybe silver
Across that line - Don't go on strike, you may lose your job at the mine.

If I traded it all - Bartering is illegal in the US (no taxes)
If I gave it all away for one thing - Not a very good barterer anyway
Just for one thing- Forgot what I said above
If I sorted it out - After the mine, I got a job at the post office
If I knew all about this one thing - Not really a Reninsance Man either.
Wouldn’t that be something - No just one thing, not something

I promise I might - Mighty Joe Young
Not walk on by - Walk on by those on strike and you may get bonked
Maybe next time - I will join the strike
But not this time - I need to eat

Even though I know - I know only one thing
I don’t want to know - Live in ignorance will you?
Yeah I guess I know - Not very much though
I just hate how it sounds - That cat is driving me crazy

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