Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Did I tell you I think I have a hacker? My email is webbased. It is cool. But every other day the language settings change. French today. It was Spanish two days ago. Very strange. I hope email is not being deleted.
Did you go to the Festival of the Arts yet? Go. Tonight if possible. It is great fun. Parking for Five Dollars. Well worth the art and the people and the food. Lottinvilles is serving up some great shrimp and a Cuban sandwich. The Chocolate Buzz Bomb from Deep Fork is oh so good. Get two. (by the way, why would anyone put Raspberry topping on something as good as chocolate?) The Goporum has the Pakora (fried Spinich leaves). There is more but that is last nights faire.
The glass there is great. My friend Bruce is there. Great stuff. It is so cool to see what people are creating. The color and shapes and chatting is very good.
Getting ready to head over to UCO and then to Will's. I have to get a wireless access card for my laptop so I can surf the net without ties. The Java Dave's on 10th in the city is wireless too. There were a bunch of folks drinking coffee and surfing the net. very cool stuff.
Have a great day.
Keep it centered.

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