Friday, April 23, 2004

Friday? Can you believe it? If those things are the measure of the man. I am pondering now what is the measure of a student? The shear amount of work that is due at the end of a semester? The number of unfinished projects to finish right before the time of dueness? The ablity to play Solatire and not get caught? When did I become such a poor student? When did I stop caring? I really do not care about the outcome.
The rain is good. I was pleased to wake today to the wet earth.
We blew some last night. I fianlly made a decent vase again. I was working on this particular shape. I could have blown it just a bit more to allow for a greater taper but it should be nice. We did a blue wrap on it and feathered the wrap three times. I hope it comes out. We will see this afternoon. Getting centered better. Really need to work on the colors and how to use more color. Seeing those guys at the Arts Festival reminds me of where we can get too over time.
Don't forget to finish the work.

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