Friday, April 09, 2004

LEFT is RIGHT Sometimes I find some interesting things on the blogger. The Politics sites are deep. Some are left some are right some are in between and others are way out there like pluto man.
I thought about putting together a list of poli blogs. I would really hate to delve into that whole arena. I can not figure out some of the things about being on the left and being on the right. I is humorious to see what people say. how they interpert actions and events. Amazing polarization of the United States right now. It is either right or it is left. The gray areas are not so noticable. The Yin/Yang spins. One side is black with a touch of white. One side is white with a touch of black. Center this and spin it around and everything turns to shades of gray there is no longer black and white. A reminder of this on my left ankle.

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