Wednesday, April 14, 2004

slowly making the transition from my theshop email addy to the okccc email addy. not everyone knows this one yet. A lot of folks write to the edmond.k12 addy too and it will change next year. Anyway I am going with okccc addy becuase of the spam. I have deleted 7 pages of spam this morning. That is 15 messages a page. you do the math. I can not multiply.
I feel sorry for the monty python guys. They have such a great thing going with the Spam routine and then the email people use it is a degrotory term. I love Spam. I eat it a lot in the summer. Easy to carry. Lasts forever. Fry it up. eat it raw. add it to eggs. but I hate the spam that comes into the email. What if, every time we got some spam the CD player would open with a nice slice of Spam on it. Warmed up and ready for some white bread and mayo.
Why is it that people have a alternative email set up for their blogs? Nobody I know has their email sent from their blog to their primary account. I wonder why? Is it so any freakers will not find out who we really are? Afraid of the resulting spam?
The computers here will not let students save Internet Favoriates. They can not bookmark sites. I thought about using backflip or something but it is a hassle. On the CD for class one of the activites was to enable the Personal Favoriates Folder. I tried this and it still does not allow student access. I think it must be due to the locking down of the hard drive for student access. Thought I found a good work around...
Trying to get some inventory done for the computers in the building. Tracing them down. it is interesting. I thought I had a couple of extra but a mistake in clock speeds has shown the culperiates. Then I do have a few machines that are not showing on the official printout from the district. Strange things.
Anybody out there have the mobile phone that takes pictures? Any body doing the MoBlog? Anybody thought more about a photoblog? Do you take the camera everywhere you go? Would it be strange to take of photo of everyday activites and post them up? A day in the life in pictures.

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