Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Trying to get things done. I think I have a stack of to do's almost finished and then an email arrives with more to do's.
Wondering if I should stay here and work after school or go home and play in the studio. Leaning toward play in the studio but...
I made some spaceman spiff paperweights on Sunday. They are so very cool. A few of them turned out great. It is a neat idea. Do a small gather. Add color to the tip and melt in. Next small gather, add color to the tip, melt in. Ice pick through the color. This makes really cool peaks inside the glass. Heat and maver to a cone. Heat and jack the end. New punty. Gather clear. Do a hot transfer of the color piece onto the new punty. Melt in a bit to fuse together. Add a ring or air bubbles or whatnot. Gather clear to encase. Egg block. Jack and knock off.
I will try to post some pics when I get them cleaned up...
Keep it centered.

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