Monday, April 19, 2004

What is the measure of a man? What movie is that from? I can't remember. Do you measure a man by what he has done? Who he has served? The size of the bankroll? The size of the spirit? What is your measure of a man? Of course ladies I just the tesm man in the universal sense so that it includes both genders. The he as well.
What is the modern term for gender neutral? I can not remember either.

There is sitting on the desk beside me a pen. It is a new looking Zebra. I am tempted to pick it up and have it for my own. I may simply use it today and toss it aside like the user before me. Maybe the pens that we come across in our lives are like the lovers we used to take in the dark days before enlightenment. The pen a metaphor for the lives we spralled through and wrote upon the souls of others in blood like the ink that flows upon the paper. The scribbled notes of a poet. The caligraphic musings of a novelist. The pen.

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