Monday, April 05, 2004

Why should we show? If you did not have to get up, get dressed, arrive and be productive on a daily basis would you? If you had to go to work every day and you did not get paid what would you do? Mind, you can do anything you want. Would you choose what you are doing now?
Do you think that if Adam and Eve had been happy wearing a leaf, would we be buying all of our clothes produced by slave labor in third world countries.
China is cheap. Go there, visit. Cheap. You can get by there on nearly nothing. Two most expensive things I found in China. A cup of coffee was equal to the price of the whole meal. Z and I would eat for 35 yuan. I would get a coffee for 35 yuan. Nike Tennis shoes were the same price in China as they are here. I have yet to figure out how anyone here affords a new pair of Nike's, how in the world can the average person living in China afford them?

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