Friday, May 14, 2004

Dr. Wakefield is visiting again today. She has to spend so much time each year in the classroom as requirements for UCO. She is really supposed to teach a lesson but we are already a week into our country study project and it is to late in the year to lose another day. This hour for instance I have only two students. The rest are on a field trip. Is it really fair to have so many students miss classes. This was the first day I have had first hour class all week. Crazyness ensues.
Last night we had the Oklahoma Sculpture Society visit the glass studio. It was neat. There were about 20 or so folks who came to visit. We gave a couple of demonstrations and showed them around the shop.
We have been focusing on drinking glasses. They are coming along nicely. If you would like a unique set of glasses let me know.
I really need to work on my internship for summer class. I am finding little extra time. I thought with the Spring Sememster over things would free up a bit but that has not happened.

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