Friday, May 07, 2004

I am going to be trying comments now. I really liked the comments at the Post Lunch Dip. You will have to forgive me from being a copy cat but I like the best. I hope they work. It required a simple copy and paste of code. I just hope I got it in the correct location.
Did I forget to blog on Thursday? I guess I did. Nothing of note was happening. I guess I am just one burnt piece of toast and did not even consider doing anything except sitting here doing nothing. I do like the days when my biggest worry was how much product to put in my hair. Alas, those days have not been as of late.
I have been going out to the county Assessor site. You can type in the information on any land and see a ownership report and photos and what not. Dawn is not in Oklahoma County. Wonder where she can go to find similar info. Anyway, in the search areas go down to the Map numbers. Do a search for Map # 3402 to see our land, Search for Map #'s 3223, 3224 for the land across the street that is being called upon for building the new Chitwood Farms.
Today was about as toasty as yesterday. We did blow some glass last night. It was really great. I have an idea for something new too. I did order some hummingbird feeder tubes. If you want a new hummingbird feeder for your front porch let me know and I will give you the special Blogger discount...
I guess that is abouts all.
Keep it centered.

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