Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I can't believe I did not make a post yesterday. I am not sure why I was so busy or what I was doing but I guess it was too much to come over and post up at Blogger.
Today is game day in the classroom. Last day of school and do what you will. It is not so bad if they turn off the volume. I think everyone is really really really ready to be out of here. Teachers have two more days and as the computer guy I probably have a couple more after that.
I keep thinking about this website I have to make for my internship. I wonder if time thinking about it counts or is it just the time really working. Thinking time should count.
We are getting ready for the Paseo. It is Saturday, Sunday and Monday 29, 30, 31. We worked last night making a few more things. We have to get everything cleaned up and boxed to take over there. I really hope it will be a good show.
I am looking at display stuff. I thought about getting a big umbrella instead of a pop-up tent thing. I think the umbrella would be different and easy except in the wind it could cause some trouble.
Have a good day.

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