Thursday, May 13, 2004

Thank you Sarah for the words. I will save for you the very best hummingbird feeder.
Van Helsing was good/marginal/great. The acting could have been better. Watching Dracula was like seeing a bad interpertation of Gary Oldham in Dracula. There was no real creative spark there. The Frankenstien monster was good but a little like watching Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. Hugh Jackman was good as Van Helsing but somewhat limited in depth. I would have like to see more there. The chicks accent was too hard to understand. I did like the premise once it played out. The action was good and filming was also good. It was not too dark the way most vampire movies turn out to be. Overall it was a good movie. and I do recommend it. It is a before 6:00 movie. Not worth spending the extra $$ for the later shows. It is also a good Wednesday movie. If you do not have the Movie Watcher card from AMC you need to get one. Free popcorn on Wednesdays. Lots of free things with the more movies you see. It is free.
I tried to have a student set up a blogger account and start a blog as a test for a classroom project. It is a forbidden website for students. They do not have access. I really think it could be a great tool in the classroom. Oh well. Thanks for listening.

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