Monday, May 03, 2004

This is a test of sorts. All of the blogs on BlogSpot are showing up as not really being there. Very strange indeed. I am getting ready for a final exam. I do not think getting ready is really the best words to describe it. It is more like wasting time and not studying before the exam. Alas, I can hardly find it within myself to illicit the actions to complete the most simple tasks. It is like leaving the claw marks at the edge of precipice right before tumbling over. Holding on to what I do not know. why I also know not. It is a difficult task to work really hard not to do anything. It would, is, so much simplier to just do the task at hand. It is really staining and stressful to avoid that which I can no longer avoid. I guess I will trim my nails tonight so I will be better off for the work required for Wednesday.
Keep it centered.

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