Wednesday, May 12, 2004

To answer the earlier question. I am unsure how much to charge for the hummingbird feeders. I am thinking around $20 to $25 depending on color, size, and complexity. Of course there is the standard Blogger Buddy discount. Some of the early models will probably go for less due to the learning curve being set. Feel free to call or come by the studio to pick up your hummingbird feeder. We will also be selling them at the Paseo Arts Festival over Memorial Day Weekend.
I went out the checked my grades. Not too bad. I did get a B for one class. Something like 51 hours of graduate credits and my first B. This is not bad for a fellow who was kicked out of OSU for such poor grades. One more class and all finished. I can not complain. Well, I could complain but it would do little good.
Check out that Hello software. It does make it fairly easy to upload photos to blogger once you figure out how to make it work. It gives a free place to host the pictures so that will be an advantage for users. I think this will be better then that fotolog website I was using.
I think we are heading out to a movie tonight. Maybe go see Van Helsing. It does not have good reviews but pulled in some good money over the weekend. I guess everybody took their mom's to go see Hugh Jackman.
Well, be good.

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