Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We are having a home owners meeting tonight for those folks who live near the proposed Chitwood Farms. I heard last night they are planning to drill two 500 feet wells for water. This is a city well. A concern is the water being that far down will drain all the nearby wells that are not so far down. In essence we could all have dry wells.
Others are concerned about the lot sized and the situation with septic tanks. The changing of the land formations is a concern as well due to run off and what not.
Last night we made Hummingbird feeders. I think we made about a dozen or so. Hopefully they will come out alright. It is more difficult then it looks dropping a loop onto the piece. There is some fear of cooling too much and losing the piece to cracking. We shall see this afternoon. The feeder stoppers I ordered from Aftosa have not yet arrived. I am going to call today, as the tracking info online does not seem to be working correctly.
We are doing Country Studies in class. The students are making thier own countries. They are following the CIA WorldFactbook to create the information for thier country. We are making flags and maps today. This is a good project.

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