Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Well, it has been a day. I am a bit tired.
I drove by the gas station this morning. Something over $2.00 for a gallon of premium. I am so happy I drive a hybrid, around 55 mpg. The Honda Insight. Gas/electric mix. It is a great little car. Two seats so not to practical for the average consumer but for me it is great. Every family should have one. Drive it around. When, really, do you drive with more then two people in the car. I will try to get the car washed and photos taked this afternoon and posted up.
The one bad thing. I have been driving this car around since 2000. It was an oddity. Nobody was driving them. All of the sudden, every star in Hollywood is driving a Hybrid. They are the hot car. People doing the environmentally friendly right thing, making a statement. Where were they three years ago when the hybrids first came out. What took so long to figure it out? Is it only motivated by $2 plus gas prices? If gas were $1.10 again nobody would be driving these fantastic vechicles. The price I pay for leading the pack from behind.

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