Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well, last night we had a meeting with Derek Turner and Patrick Myers. They are the folks developing the land across the street. They were able to calm some fears but I am still concerned with the density of homes on the land. It makes sense to have open area in a Conservation Easement. I like the idea of protecting the land for ever and ever but to go from 90,000 sq feet to 40,000 sq feet on a lot size seems a bit extreme. I am sure they have it figured for optimum cost/benefit and want to make a buck while being fair to the character of the land. We go before the city planning commission tonight. We are behind the Wal-Mart deal going in next to the Fox Lake addition. It is going to be a whopper. If you want some entertainment tonight you really should drop by the Edmond Planning Commission meeting tonight at 5:30 at the council chambers.

Girls, if you come by my booth at Paseo I will give you some glass. Especially if we are not selling anything it will make it look like we are... Ladies choice within reason too.

School is coming near an end. Breathe.

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