Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Well, we went before the Edmond Planning Commission last night. It was about 10:40 when we finally received an audience. They approved the land across the street as being okay for development. We knew it would happen. 177 homes on 320 acres. That is really not too bad. Do you see the U shaped clearing in the picture? That is the land that will be placed into a conservation easement. It can never be developed. This is at least a positive. On a negative they are going to build crappy houses. The building codes call for homes with no orginally and more of the same old crap you can see all around Edmond. Nothing new, nothing different. I question. They think that only those homes sell. They do not know what will sell because they never build anything else. Ever drive into Santa Fe? What is wrong with those houses? Adobe, metal roof, muted colors. What about the housing addition outside of Taos? It is called EarthShip. Check it out sometime. That is what I would like to see across the street. Or the housed my Uncle David designs as he was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Anything but the ordinary, plain ole, track housing of suburbia. On a bright note, If you ever wanted to be my neighbor now is your chance.  Posted by Hello