Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Breakfast Club

Look, I got Titles. Thanks Dana.
The Breakfast Club is on. This is one movie that shaped me. Something about it was just so right. All of the characters, individuals, sterotypes. I was sort of like Brian, the geek. Not a brain but just a geek. I was sort of like Bender but not at all like that either. I was sort of like Andy, I swam and was not popular so I was not like him either. Clair - I really hate sushi. The other girl Alison, sort of Goth before people knew what Goth was. The pad thing is the tv station cuts all the good dialogue. I am not sure where I would have really fit in with all of that but it was a movie of my time and experience. Why is it the geek does not get a girl. The other two guys get a girl. Always the geek being left out. What kind of message does that send to the geeks? Heck in 16 Candles even Long Duck Dong got a girl, but the geek did not.
You all big fans? Favoriate scenes?

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