Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Dana, A meat pie is a sort of pie (think apple with nice thick crust) that is filled with meat and spices. We had the Mexican Pie last night. It was very tasty. It is a 9" pie. Angela and I ate about half of it so it could feed a family of four for dinner. It was $15.95. The flavor was tremendous. Just spicy enough but not too much. Red Velvet Bakery is down on Coltrane and Second in Edmond. That is also where I get the good cookies. Yesterday I got a rice krispy treat with icing on the top. Booya!

By the way. How do you all get the headings to top your posts? I am sure it is some cryptic HTML code that I do not yet know. Care to share so I can be cool like the rest of yous.

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