Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Here I thought coming out the coffee shop to do work would be a good idea. I get some things accomplished at home but it is home and the distractions abound. I came over to the Full Cup since they have the Wi-Dee wireless connections and it is even faster then home.
I am downloading info from UCO to recreate the webpages for the cht3 grant. Progress is being made. But the lure of coffee and doughnuts and treats and the smells of the good food being made may make the process to difficult. Maybe have to go over to UCO to do some work. I really should be blowing glass today. The rain makes being in the studio so very wonderful. But I also have to take care of this stupid project. Can not do two things at once and in that effort to lessen the chaos in my life the choices are being made to take care of those things looming and coming closer. Finish those things that consume my thoughts and mind and dreams.
Strange dream last night. In a strange city. guns going off in the streets. roving bands of bad people. felt like it could be something out of Riddik. very odd. odder still that some images are still with me on waking.

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