Friday, June 04, 2004

I tried to upload that photo this morning and it would not connect. Something wrong with the system.
The story: One of the cool things about being an artist ( I loosely refer to myself with that moniker) is that you get to meet other artists. At the Paseo someone walks up to the booth and says, "I really like your work." Looking up I say, "I really like your work also." Standing there is Robin Orbach Starke. She is a fantastic sculpturess. She looked around and picked out a vase she liked. She asked if she could return in a while to pick it up. I said that was fine and asked if she would be interested in trading art. She returned with this beautiful work. Our collection grows.

Kashmir is playing right now. Page and Plant Live. It is good. A bit older sounding right now. The deep rich tones of Robert Plant's voice had done very well with time. I do so like the Honeydripper years.

Have a great weekend.

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