Friday, July 30, 2004

Back in town. It was a blessing to sleep in my own bed again. A week on the ground with on old tri-fold matress pad was starting to get a bit old. The tent is great and being outdoors is great but going to bed at midnight and waking up before the sun came up starts to wear down the body and mind. The weather in South Dakota was great this year. Rarely does it turn out so very wonderful. Beautiful most every day. Very gental. Everything that needed to get done got done. I cooked about 250 lbs. of buffalo or beef each day for four days. If you need soup to feed about 800 folks just give me a call.
I have a stack of mail to answer. A litiney of phone calls to return. I may just act like I am gone until next week. Angela and I are going to CO to our cabin in the mountains. I am looking forward to rowing across the lake. Catching some trout and just hanging out. Head back through Santa Fe and see my brother who is going to be teaching Junior English there this year. It will be good to have him in Santa Fe again.
Time to write some bills. or go find some ice cream. The ice cream sounds better.
See some of yous tonight.

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