Friday, July 30, 2004

I was catching up on the bread coffee chocolate yoga blog and remembered.
These two cats from Denmark camped with us. John and Keil. They brought with them coffee of Gevalia. Maybe you have seen this coffee in upscale magazines. This is some really kicking coffee. Rich and full bodied. Cooked on a camp stove it was tastey. They left me two bags to bring home. Cooked up this afternoon in my vac pot and it was glorious. We had a cup of Folgers on the last day before returning home and were wondering what went wrong with the coffee. We had just gotten used to the good stuff.
John also brought along some good chocolate. Lindt 85% cocao. This is the kind of chocolate that you can only eat one square of at a time. It is not the hershey's wax flavored chocolate. It is pure goodness. Melt in your mouth and savor. Not chocolate for the kiddies.
They also brought some cigarettes. On the package in black and white, taking up half of the box. Smoking Kills on the other side. Smoking causes fatal lung cancer. Still people pick these things up and suck the death into thier lungs.

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