Monday, July 05, 2004

Wireless at Panera in Edmond. Trying to get some work completed so it will at least look as tho I have spent as much time as I really have on this stupid thing. It is starting to come together.
Why are more people on accessing my bulletin board? Granted it is lame-o but still.
Did you see the weather pixies yesterday. Come like it hot.
I do have the weirdest thing happening with a rollover image in Dreamweaver. I have the two images. They look great in Fireworks. When the rollover is in DW the second image is all scrunched together. I thought it might be my table. It is not...I will post a link once it is published. I will also try a navigation bar and see if that helps. I may have to make it one image and slice it in Fireworks. That is more work then I was hoping...

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