Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Good afternoon good people. All is well. The beginning is the beginning and it is going the way all beginnings have been going for you all for the past couple of beginning weeks. The good things about beginnings is they do have an end even if that end comes in June, then only be begin to begin again. Things to do are stacked up and stacked up. slowly whittled down.
We are doing well all in all.
The glass studio had another controller go out on the bottom anneallehr. It will take about a week (fingers crossed) to get it fixed and going again. Hoping to get to blow some glass over the weekend.
Did I tell you about the covered walk way? We are sinking posts and going to cover them with steel fencing to grow vines over the top. There is about 120 feet of walkway. Five feet with cover then about 14 feet without and another five with cover. I will try to get some photos when it is complete or when we work again.
Off now to Lottinvilles to get some suppers.
may peace prevail on earth

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