Sunday, September 19, 2004

Going and blowing. It was a great weekend. My brother came in from Santa Fe and we blew some good glass. A twelve hour day for me on Saturday. I can't drink enough water at this point. I know. Pictures are coming soon. I have my camera sitting right here.
Zack ordered two dozen MeltAway cookies from the Red Velvet Bakery on Second and Coltrane. You have heard me speak of the most excellent cookies from this great place. If you can you must try these Melt-Away's. They are going to be making some this next weekend for a party and usually make extra for the public. They are hard to come by. Worth it. so very worth it.
Did I tell you I could not find the El Rey Chocolates at the Cresant Market. They had never heard of them. But they did have the best selection of Lindt Chocolates. The dark chocolate with Hazelnuts is most excellent.

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