Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I keep forgetting to turn on my Yahoo! IM. It conflicts on startup with our ZenWorks and new GroupWise so I had to turn off the auto startup feature and even tho it is on the desktop I forget to engage.
The new email is going to be a trip. It seems to be working now. I think we will get used to the new system with time. A lot of training needs to be conducted that is for sure.
The new k12 planet rolls out this week too. It is going to be difficult to say the least to get everyone on the same page.
Oh yeah, 42nd street Candy Co. I got a Valor dark chocolate with almonds. Should have skipped the nuts. Great candy bar. rich and full bodied. slightly bitter. Their Neuhaus is probably a little better. They do have the 85% Cocao from Lindt too.
Peace again.

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