Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sound bite philosophy.
Last night a friend was going to cover a roof he is working on due to the impending rain. One of the group says something like, “Well, what about prayer”. If you pray for the rain not to come it won’t come? My response was “what about the hoe in you hand.” You know that if you are going to pray for potatoes you better have a hoe in your hand. In other words there is work to be done the potatoes do not just grow. The Builder on the roof said “God rains on the just and the unjust.”

It got me thinking about sound bite philosophy. We live in a sound bite age. We do not listen to the whole of the work. As a society we take a bit out. The part that sounds good. The part we like. The part that damages the speaker or others. It is almost the instant gratification in words.

So where in our philosophy do we lose the whole of the message for a sound bite? Granted everyone refers to Nietzsche and “God is Dead” but very few know to which Fred was referring, let alone how many have sought out the work and read the text. Out of context from the whole it seems absurd.

So like our society we struggle with the things around us. Not because they are too big but because we have taken them down and made them to small. Easy to eat but hard to digest.

Remember to grow today.

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