Thursday, October 14, 2004

We will be blowing some glass this weekend. It looks to be nice. Pumpkins this afternoon too.
There is an open house at the Purple Loft Gallery, down on May south of Hefner. It starts at 6:00 on Friday Night. Drop by there if you are looking for some culture.
Blowing with our intermediate class on Saturday and Sunday blowing around 2:00.
My dad went in today to have a knee replacement. They were able to do half the knee. Hopefully he will be getting along much better now.
My friend Bobby Dale lost his wife to cancer last night. She had been sick for about 8 months and it has been a trying time for him.
On Saturday around 6:00 my friend Carl is going to be planting a Peace Pole. I am hoping I can be there for the ceremony. It is really a wonderous thing.
I will try to get some photos taken tonight for posting on the Friday Foto Fun.

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