Thursday, October 28, 2004

Why Blog?
I have been thinking about blogging or lack of blogging activity. The news people talk about blogs a lot as of late. polictical blogs expose the reality of the world while our tradional news sources pass by the real news becuase they are owned by companies with stake in the world. Religious blogs convert thousands of people to the light. Personal blogs cause lonely housewives to have affairs. Who knows. The Blog even made the cover of the Gazette a couple of weeks ago.
What is our connection to the blog? why do we blog? is it a novelity like the Icey one suggests, worn off the appeal? Does anyone really care about the goings on in my day?
How to make the blog a part of life? Come in, turn on computer, log on and check mail. Open the Internet, six or seven windows. Check online mail, check blogspots, read the news. Always keep an eye open for things of interest to others to post up via the blogger link on the Google Toolbar. You gots to have the Google Toolbar if you have not downloaded the thing it is a necessity. Anyway. There may be like four people that take a look at this blog on a regular basis. There are maybe twenty others who have ever visited it once. So whereas once I thought the blog would make me famous amoung the online readers of daily lives I am accepting the fact that no one besides the small group of readers and friends will ever come to this place. how many millions of blogs in the world? One in the digital sea.
What value? What value does the blog bring to your life? I know we all have guilt when we do not blog. Something is missing from our lives. Lives that are full and hectic and have no room for more. But we would feel no guilt if it were not important to us. Granted the only way I can keep up with Double D on a daily basis is the blog. I am a part of her life, and your lives, through reading your blogs. The connection it brings between others is a tangable reality. I know Post Lunch Dip only through a link out from Ice but it is of interest. Okay so the value of reading and "connecting" to others creates a bond of friendship if only in my mind. We need to connect with others. We need the community of friends. Those are the sustaining bonds that help us through the daily of life. The Sanga.

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