Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thinking as of late as to the nature of man. What is my nature? How do I behave, react, process, and retell? What is it that drives me? Why do I do the same things over and over; wishing to change but not changing at all? Where do the seeds of change become planted and how is it I water and tend to those seeds? Or do I pull them out by the root before growth can occur.
Heard yesterday that enlightenment comes in spirts. We gain a little and then we go back to normal mind. We do not obtain the enlightenment and keep it.
The story of the wolves inside and that which we feed, the story of the frog and the scorpion, the lady and the snake. All these things to show us a metaphor for our natures and the outcomes of those ways of being.
Last night I have a dream with Hunter S. Thompson. My nature has changed. I am not the way I once was. But then I am not sure with what I replaced that which I was. Where is the nature of the way I currently am and can I change?

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