Saturday, February 28, 2004

Find out everything you can about a particular topic. for the peanutbutter and jelly wars.
Resource site for students with special needs is InfoGrip.
Student in the spotlight and publisher brochure for highlighting them.
Computer ethics project. two week ppt. four week brochure, six week website. progression on using technology for the work. Doug Johnson - "Learning Right from Wrong in the Digital Age: An Ethics Guide for Parents, Teachers, Librarians, and Others Who Care About Computer-Using Young People"

Backup your important work weekly, but at least once a month. Burn a CD and archive it.
Use the local cable channel for video for the schools. Must be sure it is okay for public broadcast. PPt. can also be put up on the cable channel. Live games on the Channel 18 with student commentators.
Manners packet in publisher. Rules to follow.
How to guides. How to thread the sewing machine.Receipies from the Internet to create a fun cookbook. Class procedures on PPt.
Use PPt. instead of the chalk board in the classroom. Bell work, reminders, notes, literary analysis, Who RU? presentation with different medias. Rubrics. How to research on the Internet, check your resources.
graphic organizers are helpful. study guide sheets.
Create a communication log for tracking. Use a table in Word. We need a How To guide resource section on the SBC website.
Flash Drives are great for saving and moving files, and backing up materials. Office Depot had a sell this last week for $20 for 128.
Need to create an SBC/Intel Training Blog for each of the Classes in conjuction with the new SBC website. Have a sectary or recorder for each session to keep track of each presentation.
Group rotation in go through stations.
Star Fall is a reading place to younger students (k-3). Helpful in building reading levels.
Virutal Field trips and 360 degree sticking program. can put in a Hot Spot for text. Is used on the Apple and saved as a .mov. VR program. Frontier Schools are great in using this technology. Virtual Reality software. Do a search for VR, 360 degree and stitching. Some resources from 2001 presentation on this material.
Love the IBook. Have something playing in the hallway to keep people busy during Open House.
An Art Diversion for students is Mr. Picasso Head.
The BBC resources back out of words and pictures on the address bar to get more school information.
Create a workbook for all the class materials instead of one page at a time. a published class skill book. publish programs for events with technology. IPhoto, IMovie on Apple.
A free program from Shockwave is called PhotoJam. Create a photo slide show with relative ease. You can add text too.
Design technology resources based on the capablity of the class. Cite resources on the page where information is used in PPt.
Some great HPRTEC Resources. RubiStar, Web Worksheet Wizard. CasaNotes

Microsoft Templates for teachers can be helpful in creating things for the classroom.
Create an inservice on Mail Merge.
Use forms in MS Word for making Madlibs. leaving spaces to type. better then Mail Merge MadLib. Camera take a video? upload it in PPt. Super Chicken? Use the Notes feature in PPt. to organize thoughts and progress on each slide.
Remember to site the sources for copyright information. Website, very cool java script for the date and time. Website is a great resource for putting up information. Discussion board or a form page to publish up works of students.
Video clip of a play. orientation of the school. Create a certificate for progress and achievement. KidPix to make a little booklet. Uninac tribal pictographs and translations.
Where to go to download music for presentations?
Story in PPt. picture slide and text slide. Using Paint for drawing, clipart too. Make sure you have a legal computer. teach using the telephone game style. teach one, they teach another, they teach another. Work on computer during slient reading time for the class.
Need intensive web design class.
outstanding book site on web. Slate Citation Machine form, very useful tool for citing information. Ebsco Host - access to this online because we have access through the schools.
Don't forget about TrackStar. great for virtual field trips and to prepare for a real field trip to know what to look for before you go. Set up a real field trip, takes alot of planning. Newsletter brochure for book reviews and compare and contract with a movie. National Book Awards. Cite your references. Photograph for class events, PPt. slide show with custom animation. Photo Editor to lighten photographs, PPt. also can do this with Picture Toolbar. Get photos during dress rehearsals. Memory stick is great. Resolution on the camera.
Powerpoint with photos. Microphone with description of each slide. scanned in projects. Learning how to better use the programs and the features of the software. clipart, embedded sounds.
Excel for grading, lesson plan form is valuable.
Recording sound is good. using sounds for student participation seems to be an effective manner of doing things. Show photos of what is desired. Use a webquest for the students.
Website bases with description and photos. Create a business. create a brochure, show products, business cards, business letters. I do this with Illustrator Logo creation too. Create a play and photograth the stages of the play. the climax of the scene. and order the play. describe each stage of the play - Show to your Drama teacher.
SBC followup training. It is a hoot. Share with others. About thirty people here today. Can we have access to everybodies work? create a website with a database with representative works. This database would be massive. online through UCO using part of the grant $$ from the SBC contract. How do we create the submission process? How to make it available? Can UCO classes also upload thier work? How do we give access to edit the works?
As this is stream of thought and time it may be strange to read from the top down.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Assignment Calculator
This site was found today will surfing. It is really cool. It would have been more helpful if I were not one and a half semesters away from graduation. Check it out.
There is no Friday Five. How sad. I will come up with my own.
1. Have you broken a bone? Which was the last one? Yes, my arm.
2. How much water do you drink in a day? half a gallon.
3. Are you double jointed? sort of on my thumb and toe.
4. Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Doubt it.
5. Would you rather have a meal of green curry or watch a Tim Curry movie? Green Curry.

Nearly as lame as the real friday five but fun no the less.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Slow down avoid the frown. I just read that in England they are using highway speed monitoring systems that will project your speed and a happy face for going the speed limit on a big sign. Speed and you get a frown face on the sign. Positive reenforcement people. That is what I'm talking about.
Can you tell I'm bored?
okay. looking around I see folks with images in their blogs. I did this once over at SchoolNotes with help of an HTML maven. Any body want to share the code?
oh yeah. A brief rant. It is called a virus people. It is spread through attachments in email. Click on an attachment that is infected and you get infected.
By luck we have Novell and it has this Salvage Documents option.
*$'s, sorry folks I am a coffee snob. I must admit I had a cup of their Varona the other day on the way to class because the student union serves *$ coffee and it was a decent cup of joe. Straight Cain's brewed fresh is not too bad by comparison and is cheaper. I do have the site but it needs a lot of work and a bunch of contributors would be really nice. The Oklahoma City Coffee Connection could be the place to be and be seen. I need a volenteer with more knowledge in HTML and webpage design we can kick this thing up a notch or two.
Coffee Drinkers Unite! Let me know.
See that link over on the left? Peet's. Great coffee. Check out their coffee buyers guide with the honeycomb. That is a very cool internet tool!
By the way if I have not told you all lately. I love you, man.
Wondering if you are a true Internet geek if you are into Nomics. It looks to be a combination of game playing, role playing, and Internet antics. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Okay, I can not resist. What do you all think about the Sec. of Education calling the NEA a terriorist organization? Okay not an exact quote but close?
I typically do not like to talk politics because I tend to freak people out with my views but...
We are studying Black History Month. It has been interesting. I wrote a paper today on DOS and Windoze. Great fun.
Wondering what is to come next. Class this afternoon should be a hoot.
My stomach still hurts. I am wondering why. Beginning to think maybe it is not internal but external. Maybe I am pulling a muscle in my abdomen? I have a call out to Dr. Mark to ask what he thinks. Trying to trace the orgin of the pain and when it occurs and how long it lasts. I am lifting 50 lbs. bags to charge the glass furnace. It hurts the next morning. Maybe a connection?

Monday, February 23, 2004

Searching around on the blog place. There are many interesting people in the world. There are many people who are not interesting and simply fill space with nonsence. (i.e., where are you now?)
The blog did not post. I did post it up on Friday. I did not do anything on it today as I tried to go take a nap.