Friday, April 09, 2004

Maybe yes, maybe no
I like the idea of a photo blog. Want to give it a try?
LEFT is RIGHT Sometimes I find some interesting things on the blogger. The Politics sites are deep. Some are left some are right some are in between and others are way out there like pluto man.
I thought about putting together a list of poli blogs. I would really hate to delve into that whole arena. I can not figure out some of the things about being on the left and being on the right. I is humorious to see what people say. how they interpert actions and events. Amazing polarization of the United States right now. It is either right or it is left. The gray areas are not so noticable. The Yin/Yang spins. One side is black with a touch of white. One side is white with a touch of black. Center this and spin it around and everything turns to shades of gray there is no longer black and white. A reminder of this on my left ankle.
1. What was your first job?
The Oklahoma Line - Now the County Line, I was 15

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

3. What was your first car? What happened to it?
'72 Buick Skylark. Returned it to Wes. First car I bought. 74 VW Jetta - It rotted away, had to be towed.

4. What was your first concert?
The Police (Synconicity Tour) with UB40. 1984.

5. When did you loose your virginity?
April of 1986. Senior Year.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

My candy bars from Raven's Brew came in. Wonderful flavor. Dark chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth and the grains of finely ground coffee remain. Talk about the ultimate. Coffee and chocolate. Together. Wow.
You have no idea how good it is to blog after not having it for a couple of days. And not just like over the weekend couple of days. But that feeling that it is gone for good. That it has to begin again. It is a good thing.
I am sure that someone out there is reading my life as a blog and thinking how good this would be as a movie. Well maybe just a made for tv movie, er an after school special? maybe not.
Reminded of this site. It is good that Easter is on it's way. The bunny is hopping down the bunny trail.
A quote..."To help assure consistency of math course content across the district, basal textbooks adopted for use are to serve as the primary textbook resource in classrooms."
Now I am thinking why would the textbook manufracturer make a book out of basal. Most publishers use wood pulp for paper not basal. Would it not make better sense then to have these textbooks for use in the Home Ec. rooms? At least they could come up with some good food stuff made from basal. A nice pesto, pizza margarita, bug repellant. There is a lot that basal can be used for in cooking. I guess students could grow their own basal too. They could count the leaves and measure the growth. That would be some practical applications of the math skills.
All hail Christine from Blogger! All Hail Christine from Blogger! All Hail Christine from Blogger!

She got my site up and running again. The linkages are gone but that is no biggie. I will have to just do them again.
Talk about great techniqual support. I wrote on Tuesday and she got it fixed last night.

Keep it centered.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

more crazyness
Strange things.
I went to my blog and it was just a white screen. The editing still works.
Wondering why it did not load correctly.
Try again.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Ever been to a dead concert. Did a search for OKC and the Dead and found this account. Got to check it out.
Why should we show? If you did not have to get up, get dressed, arrive and be productive on a daily basis would you? If you had to go to work every day and you did not get paid what would you do? Mind, you can do anything you want. Would you choose what you are doing now?
Do you think that if Adam and Eve had been happy wearing a leaf, would we be buying all of our clothes produced by slave labor in third world countries.
China is cheap. Go there, visit. Cheap. You can get by there on nearly nothing. Two most expensive things I found in China. A cup of coffee was equal to the price of the whole meal. Z and I would eat for 35 yuan. I would get a coffee for 35 yuan. Nike Tennis shoes were the same price in China as they are here. I have yet to figure out how anyone here affords a new pair of Nike's, how in the world can the average person living in China afford them?
I went to the dentist at lunch on Friday. I have a crack in a molar. I have to get a crown. Hard to believe. I was thinking I probably need to get dental insurance this past fall and did not. Alas.
Tired today. It was too hard to get up this morning.
I am having a difficult time getting motivated to work in class once again. I guess I should ask when have I been motivated to do school work?
There is so much to do. but really it is easy once I get into it and get it done. It is the mind numbing dullness of it all that makes it difficult.
More to come.