Friday, April 23, 2004

Friday? Can you believe it? If those things are the measure of the man. I am pondering now what is the measure of a student? The shear amount of work that is due at the end of a semester? The number of unfinished projects to finish right before the time of dueness? The ablity to play Solatire and not get caught? When did I become such a poor student? When did I stop caring? I really do not care about the outcome.
The rain is good. I was pleased to wake today to the wet earth.
We blew some last night. I fianlly made a decent vase again. I was working on this particular shape. I could have blown it just a bit more to allow for a greater taper but it should be nice. We did a blue wrap on it and feathered the wrap three times. I hope it comes out. We will see this afternoon. Getting centered better. Really need to work on the colors and how to use more color. Seeing those guys at the Arts Festival reminds me of where we can get too over time.
Don't forget to finish the work.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Thank you girls from hanging out and helping me and letting me ride on the coat tails of your greatness.
Gmail is a go. What kind of coffee shall we have here a Will's with my new wireless card and wireless connection to the Internet. Can you believe I have almost finally entered the digital age. Wireless even. There ain't no strings to pull me round...
I set up my Google mail Account.
Send me mail
Did I tell you I think I have a hacker? My email is webbased. It is cool. But every other day the language settings change. French today. It was Spanish two days ago. Very strange. I hope email is not being deleted.
Did you go to the Festival of the Arts yet? Go. Tonight if possible. It is great fun. Parking for Five Dollars. Well worth the art and the people and the food. Lottinvilles is serving up some great shrimp and a Cuban sandwich. The Chocolate Buzz Bomb from Deep Fork is oh so good. Get two. (by the way, why would anyone put Raspberry topping on something as good as chocolate?) The Goporum has the Pakora (fried Spinich leaves). There is more but that is last nights faire.
The glass there is great. My friend Bruce is there. Great stuff. It is so cool to see what people are creating. The color and shapes and chatting is very good.
Getting ready to head over to UCO and then to Will's. I have to get a wireless access card for my laptop so I can surf the net without ties. The Java Dave's on 10th in the city is wireless too. There were a bunch of folks drinking coffee and surfing the net. very cool stuff.
Have a great day.
Keep it centered.

Monday, April 19, 2004

What is the measure of a man? What movie is that from? I can't remember. Do you measure a man by what he has done? Who he has served? The size of the bankroll? The size of the spirit? What is your measure of a man? Of course ladies I just the tesm man in the universal sense so that it includes both genders. The he as well.
What is the modern term for gender neutral? I can not remember either.

There is sitting on the desk beside me a pen. It is a new looking Zebra. I am tempted to pick it up and have it for my own. I may simply use it today and toss it aside like the user before me. Maybe the pens that we come across in our lives are like the lovers we used to take in the dark days before enlightenment. The pen a metaphor for the lives we spralled through and wrote upon the souls of others in blood like the ink that flows upon the paper. The scribbled notes of a poet. The caligraphic musings of a novelist. The pen.

Hello hello hello. It has been a busy weekend. We had the glass class on Saturday and all went very well. Spent Sunday cleaning up and arranging things. Blew a little that evening. Today was good. We studied Lewis and Clark and their trip across our great country.
I have also been working on the CHT3 website. I have a lose plan coming together and it is really keen. There is a whole lot to do on this project. It could really take several months to complete. But a start is good. Not my normal M.O.
I hope finds you well.