Friday, April 30, 2004

Lunch was fast. We had a technology meeting. Changes for next year are coming. Trying to figure it out.
I got my crown yesterday. It was not so bad. It is interesting to feel the new tooth. It feels just almost like the other one. Same grooves and everything. It is white too instead of being filled.
Crazy days. I can hardly believe it is Friday again. Finals next week.
The Open Studio Tour is this weekend. Anyone who is reading this. I fully expect to see you at the studio this weekend.
North on I-35 to second street in Edmond. East on Second four miles to Post Road. South on Post Road for 1.7 miles. Big red stone house on the west side of the road.
Saturday and Sunday 12-5 both days.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Want to know my theory? I think not. I am keeping it to myself. But I am betting the theory holds true. We will find out in the very near future. You will say to yourself I can't believe it. Andy was right and I did not even know what his theory was until just this very minute. Then you will know of what it is that I speak.
Hit print at 4:10 baby!
Cutting it down to the wire. NOt much more to go and not much more time to go in.
Tryed to upload an image. Failed...Crazy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Six pages of drivel including the reference page. I have a lot left to right. Hopefully it will be a lose day and I can make up a bunch of stuff. Fingers crossed tonight because I probably will not work any more tonight...
After seeing Dawn's Weather Grrl I had to go back and get my weather guy. They are dorks. All the grrls are nice little pixies and the guys are all dorks.
An eight page paper. Due tomorrow. What should my topic be? I think I am going to do technology integration. Let's see. How much time to write eight pages? Cite references and all of that. That is about three pages in an hour? I hope I can do it. Picture now Rob Schneider in hill billy hat - "you can do it".
I am going to get some comments soon. I will do this as soon as time frees up with class. It should be an easy task.
The work we did on Sunday came out pretty good. A couple of nice vases. I am gearing up for the Paseo Arts Festival at the end of May. It is going to be fun. Trying to make some good $15 -$20 pieces. We added some more glass to the furnace and it should be ready for blowing on Thursday.
It will be a great weekend. The OVAC is having an Art Studio Tour this weekend. Travel around to several different artist studios to watch them work. It is a great oppertunity to see what people are doing and how they create. I highly recommend getting out and seeing some good stuff this weekend. We are going to try to have snacks from Lottinvilles too.
John and Myrna Trubey are in town too. They helped found the Blue Sage Studios and I am so looking forward to seeing them this weekend. It has been too long since I have seen my good friend.
Not much more news.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Two hours later. almost ready. Still have a little ways to go. starting to crash from the sugar high of the malted. Hang on tight.
keep it centered.
Welcome Diversion.
I just tripped over to Braum's. I got a Cappicino Chunky Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Malted. Just the thing to kick it threw to the end of this project. I hope. The only other most welcome diversion would be ___ on my desk but I do not think that is going to happen.
Sweet manna of the gods. I think that when Moses left out from the Egypt land he was searching for Braums' they did not find the Cappicino Chunky chocoloate and had to settle for honey and locusts. oh well. I wonder why they do not make a honey and locusts ice cream.
more to come as time allows and my thoughts become to filled with thought.
aboatman`s Fotolog This is a free photo log site. It looks like it has some promise.
Web Blog Directory - Root Blog - Aggregating the PoweR of Blogs!
Does anyone understand this? What is it? How does it work?
I want to create a Blog at my glass site. How? Is Movable type the thing? Dawn can you create a blog at the Computer Cooks site?
I did try the bstats. They went away when I lost my whole blog at the beginning of the month. I am trying to get them back.
BEsides the fact I am a computer illterate person why does Mr. B not get comments on his blog? I know some of you are asking that right now. I mean this very minute. The thought just passed through your head right before even reading the question. It was as if your thinking the question inspired this post. Or it could be that this post made you think that thought. However the universe works that thought of my comment less blog fired through the dendrites and the neurons of your brain and here appears the answer.
I am afraid no one will comment. Such drivel and ramble is not worthy of comment.
Fear drives my life once again. Fear. That is the root. All the things. All the actions. Driven solely by fear. The four horsemen is only one. Fear.
Monday is a difficult day to being again. It is interesting in how the day sort of goes quickly but then nothing at all gets done. why is nothing done? Why am a blogging instead of doing my project for class? Wonder how I will look bald? As I pull my hair out for all this work that is due.
The Friday Five. I completely forgot about it.
1. Who is your favorite celebrity?
Tom Hanks?

2. Who is your least favorite?

3. Have you ever met or seen any celebrities in real life?
John something. The lawyer from that stupid court show with what's his name.

4. Would you want to be famous? Why or why not?
What do you mean want? I am.

5. If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why?
Dale Chiluy, travel and get to work with the worlds greatest glass people.