Friday, May 07, 2004

I am going to be trying comments now. I really liked the comments at the Post Lunch Dip. You will have to forgive me from being a copy cat but I like the best. I hope they work. It required a simple copy and paste of code. I just hope I got it in the correct location.
Did I forget to blog on Thursday? I guess I did. Nothing of note was happening. I guess I am just one burnt piece of toast and did not even consider doing anything except sitting here doing nothing. I do like the days when my biggest worry was how much product to put in my hair. Alas, those days have not been as of late.
I have been going out to the county Assessor site. You can type in the information on any land and see a ownership report and photos and what not. Dawn is not in Oklahoma County. Wonder where she can go to find similar info. Anyway, in the search areas go down to the Map numbers. Do a search for Map # 3402 to see our land, Search for Map #'s 3223, 3224 for the land across the street that is being called upon for building the new Chitwood Farms.
Today was about as toasty as yesterday. We did blow some glass last night. It was really great. I have an idea for something new too. I did order some hummingbird feeder tubes. If you want a new hummingbird feeder for your front porch let me know and I will give you the special Blogger discount...
I guess that is abouts all.
Keep it centered.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I am tired. We got a letter the other day from the city. They want to change the zoning restrictions on the land across the street from us. It is zoned agricultural right now. They want to make it Lake Residential. They want to put 177 houses on 320 acres of land. It is going to be a nightmare. I did not even know that land was for sale or sold to the company that purchased it. I would have bought as much as possible just to save the land. We do have the oppertunity to protest to the planning commission. I am going to suggest that they go with a Lake Preservation zoning so each home would have to be on 2 acres. But it is frought with danger. I am thinking maybe an easement at least so I do not have to look out at all those houses first thing in the morning. It makes me sick.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

We unload the anneallehr last night from our work on Sunday. We filled up both lehr's and looking at all the work it is amazing how little we acctually had produced. There were some very nice pieces. I made a nice blue pitcher. It is way heavy and the handle is crazy weird, but very good for the second pitcher we have made. I did a hummingbird feeder. It is great. I love that shape and purpose. Granted the hummingbird feeders at Lowe's or Target are Made In China and we can not compare in the least to what they are putting out in sweat shops. We have some good vases right now.
You can come to the Paseo Arts Fesitval on Memorial Day weekend and see some of our work. Feel free to drop by the studio too.
Keep it centered.

Monday, May 03, 2004

I updated my link to the blog of the week. I liked it I think. Interesting link over to the presipice. Syncronicity.
Hey! why did no one do a Friday Five? All this creative thinking talent and nobody came up with five questions? Why not? Are we all so very overwhelmed? yes. I know that answer already.
Does anybody out there read this besides the group of people brought together by Dawn? If so drop me a line. To all of Dawn's friends I thank you for also being a friend of mine even if I have never seen you all before.
Here is a blog for DD. No do not click on that link. Do not go there. I repeat do not go there.
If you go there remember I told you not too. Don't get mad at me.
This is a test of sorts. All of the blogs on BlogSpot are showing up as not really being there. Very strange indeed. I am getting ready for a final exam. I do not think getting ready is really the best words to describe it. It is more like wasting time and not studying before the exam. Alas, I can hardly find it within myself to illicit the actions to complete the most simple tasks. It is like leaving the claw marks at the edge of precipice right before tumbling over. Holding on to what I do not know. why I also know not. It is a difficult task to work really hard not to do anything. It would, is, so much simplier to just do the task at hand. It is really staining and stressful to avoid that which I can no longer avoid. I guess I will trim my nails tonight so I will be better off for the work required for Wednesday.
Keep it centered.
Well, by the judge of the posts on the blogs me thinks everyone also had a busy crazy end of the week and weekend. I also did not see any bloggers at the Art Studio Tour this weekend. Hopefully, everyone was able to escape for at least a while and were able to get some culture. If you want a nice vase for Mother's Day let me know and I will try to get some cleaned up.
Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. That is HALT. Any time we are feeling these things it is time to halt, take a break, relax, call a friend and get back to being the best you you can be.
Keep it centered.