Friday, May 14, 2004

Dr. Wakefield is visiting again today. She has to spend so much time each year in the classroom as requirements for UCO. She is really supposed to teach a lesson but we are already a week into our country study project and it is to late in the year to lose another day. This hour for instance I have only two students. The rest are on a field trip. Is it really fair to have so many students miss classes. This was the first day I have had first hour class all week. Crazyness ensues.
Last night we had the Oklahoma Sculpture Society visit the glass studio. It was neat. There were about 20 or so folks who came to visit. We gave a couple of demonstrations and showed them around the shop.
We have been focusing on drinking glasses. They are coming along nicely. If you would like a unique set of glasses let me know.
I really need to work on my internship for summer class. I am finding little extra time. I thought with the Spring Sememster over things would free up a bit but that has not happened.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Here is a photo of our wall. We were looking for a nice, cheap wall covering. I found tin roofing material. It is 8'x4' and screws in with self tapping metal screws. Angela then laminated photos and put a magnet on the back. The photos stick to the metal. It is really very cool. Almost as cool as being about to post up these pictures but not quite that cool.  Posted by Hello

I was looking through old folders and found this picture. It was saved in the old .mic format from Image Composer. I really like that program. Anyway I had to install the program and save the picture as a .jpg. I am really starting to like this program. It makes it very easy to upload photos and it allows for captions and whatnot too. Oh, this is the dog of someone I used to teach with not a dog that I know personally.  Posted by Hello
I have a guest in my room this hour. Observation and classroom work to remain familiar with computers in the classroom. Want to guess who it is? That's right. Dr. Wakefield. We are acting like we are doing some serious work.

Here is my good buddy Stephen White. He was an extra in the HBO series Carnivale. He is currently in the series Deadwood but is hard to find in the background. I like this picture and wanted to share it with you all.  Posted by Hello
Thank you Sarah for the words. I will save for you the very best hummingbird feeder.
Van Helsing was good/marginal/great. The acting could have been better. Watching Dracula was like seeing a bad interpertation of Gary Oldham in Dracula. There was no real creative spark there. The Frankenstien monster was good but a little like watching Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. Hugh Jackman was good as Van Helsing but somewhat limited in depth. I would have like to see more there. The chicks accent was too hard to understand. I did like the premise once it played out. The action was good and filming was also good. It was not too dark the way most vampire movies turn out to be. Overall it was a good movie. and I do recommend it. It is a before 6:00 movie. Not worth spending the extra $$ for the later shows. It is also a good Wednesday movie. If you do not have the Movie Watcher card from AMC you need to get one. Free popcorn on Wednesdays. Lots of free things with the more movies you see. It is free.
I tried to have a student set up a blogger account and start a blog as a test for a classroom project. It is a forbidden website for students. They do not have access. I really think it could be a great tool in the classroom. Oh well. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

How many feet in a yard stick? The question based on the statement being 12 feet in a mile. I think I could write something every day that students should know but do not. Earlier today...what are the three branches of our government? Duh, Presidential, Legislators and the... Okay no. Try the Exuctive, Legislative and Judicial which are...
The President, Congress (which is?...) and... Nobody knew the House of Representatives although they knew the Senate. One person guessed the Supreme Court on the Judicial. This could be a blog all to it's own. Sort of those questions off the street that Leno does.
Keep it centered.
To answer the earlier question. I am unsure how much to charge for the hummingbird feeders. I am thinking around $20 to $25 depending on color, size, and complexity. Of course there is the standard Blogger Buddy discount. Some of the early models will probably go for less due to the learning curve being set. Feel free to call or come by the studio to pick up your hummingbird feeder. We will also be selling them at the Paseo Arts Festival over Memorial Day Weekend.
I went out the checked my grades. Not too bad. I did get a B for one class. Something like 51 hours of graduate credits and my first B. This is not bad for a fellow who was kicked out of OSU for such poor grades. One more class and all finished. I can not complain. Well, I could complain but it would do little good.
Check out that Hello software. It does make it fairly easy to upload photos to blogger once you figure out how to make it work. It gives a free place to host the pictures so that will be an advantage for users. I think this will be better then that fotolog website I was using.
I think we are heading out to a movie tonight. Maybe go see Van Helsing. It does not have good reviews but pulled in some good money over the weekend. I guess everybody took their mom's to go see Hugh Jackman.
Well, be good.

Here is another angle on the hummingbird feeder.  Posted by Hello

Here is the hummingbird feeder. I am also trying this Hello Software to post a picture. We shall see how it goes. It is thusfar not too intutive. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We are having a home owners meeting tonight for those folks who live near the proposed Chitwood Farms. I heard last night they are planning to drill two 500 feet wells for water. This is a city well. A concern is the water being that far down will drain all the nearby wells that are not so far down. In essence we could all have dry wells.
Others are concerned about the lot sized and the situation with septic tanks. The changing of the land formations is a concern as well due to run off and what not.
Last night we made Hummingbird feeders. I think we made about a dozen or so. Hopefully they will come out alright. It is more difficult then it looks dropping a loop onto the piece. There is some fear of cooling too much and losing the piece to cracking. We shall see this afternoon. The feeder stoppers I ordered from Aftosa have not yet arrived. I am going to call today, as the tracking info online does not seem to be working correctly.
We are doing Country Studies in class. The students are making thier own countries. They are following the CIA WorldFactbook to create the information for thier country. We are making flags and maps today. This is a good project.

Monday, May 10, 2004

I finally made reservations for my trip to New Orleans. Maybe Ice Chick and I will be in the same neck of the woods at the same time. June 10-12 at the Baronne Plaza. I hope it will be a good place. Pretty cheap for the location I think. Just a bed is all I need. We are going to New Orleans for the G.A.S. conference. No, it is not a conference for pinto beans and cabbage. It is the Glass Arts Society Conference. It should be great. I am looking forward to learning and seeing all the cool glass tools for sale.
All is well.
Keep it centered.
Holy blogger changearoo, Batman. This is a wild new format for the blogger. It is going to take some getting used too. I was all focused for a rant and then got all shifted in the change.
I have been going over the thoughts of change. Interesting. You know they say that Change is the only constant in the universe. I am not fond of change. I do not like when things are different. I do not like to have a plan and then have to change the plan. I still have resentment over plans and changes in the plans. It is difficult for me to accept change and go along with change. Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is painful. Heck I would wear the same clothes all the time just to avoid changing. Well, except maybe underware.
Watching Tony last night sit in the country and smoke a cigar. I really would like a great espresso and cigar right now.