Saturday, May 22, 2004

We had some stray kitty cats come up a few weeks ago. This one is Percy. He was in the driveway this evening waiting for his dinner. There is another one with similar markings and a black one too. THey are still very wild kitties. They do not much like being picked up or thing like that. If you are in the market for a stray cat drop me a line. I am not sure Angela will part with them at this point tho.  Posted by Hello

Here is Jacob, number two grandson, playing his SP while waiting from his Mac and Cheese.  Posted by Hello

Here is James Berkshire playing at Lottinvilles. He really has a great voice and style. I have known James about a year now. He comes out and blows glass on occasion. If you get the chance you really need to catch him out on the patio playing his music. Call over there 341-2244 to see when he will be playing next.  Posted by Hello

Friday, May 21, 2004

Well, I took a look see at "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance". I was able to find the exact quote I was thinking about in my last post. I am not a reader. I do not read books too often. This is one I recommend and really enjoy reading. This is the book that made me decide to not give grades. I took a trip up in the area that the book talks about some. The road up north. across Wyoming to the Ocean. Beautiful country. It is country that makes one realize who it is that they are.
Alas the quote, "The Buddha, the Godhead, resides quite as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of a mountain or in the petals of a flower. To think otherwise is to demean the Buddha...which is to demean oneself. That is what I want to talk about in this Chautauqua."
Have you taken a Chautauqua? Care too? Maybe the blog in the Chautauqua, our internal dialogues made known and public. Jack would have done well with the blog. Stream of consciousness writing. Maybe Jack was the first blogger.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

It was a great evening in the studio. Brent and I worked on some art and somethings came out good, others did not. Of course we will not know for sure until tomorrow afternoon. It takes about twelve hours for the glass to anneal. That is to cool down from nine hundred degrees to about one hundred and fifty degrees. The annealing of glass is important so that the stress of the heat and blowing will not cause the glass to break in the future. Sometimes even fifty years later the glass can simply break for no appearant reason. Stress. Stress causes glass to break if not relieved. Stress can cause us as human beings to break if it is not releaved. What do you do to take care of the stress in your life? How do you anneal yourself?
Consider for a while. I really would like to know.
I blow glass. No more stress. Granted the process can be stressful. It is hot and tense and exciting and builds and falls. It sometimes causes a kind of stress but then gets rid of the other stresses of daily life. Prayer that works to I think. Since I hurt my knee in September I have not been able to get on my knees for prayer the way I like too. Adjustments in that area. I hope I will be able to have the strenght in it again soon. I wish also so that I can ride my scooter again. I long for the sound. the smells of the road. the vibration of 1340 cc engine between my legs and the feeling running up your spine from the movement. Talk about releaving everything. In the moment. right there. all other things melt away. You and god and the road. The Buddha lives just as much in the engine of a motorcycle as the buddha also lives in the flowers of the lotus.
All is well. Keep it centered.

Here is the view from my desk. Thinking about rearranging next week. There is not much you can do with the power and network outlets on the side walls. I thought about the Star pattern but then I can't see everybody's computer screen. I think we may just turn everyone around and face the other way. We can't see the TV that way but we never have it on anyway.  Posted by Hello

I found this chocolate bar at the 42nd Street Candy Co. on Western and 42nd. It is a nice little place. They do have good sweet stuff. We do need a chocolate place like Santa Fe's Chocolate Smith but I have not found one here as of yet. Any hoo, this is a good bar. I usually eat something like this in one sitting but I have been savoring this for a few days now.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

As promised here is the Honda Insight. It really has been a good car. You can't even tell that my brother took it out hunting on the first day of deer season this year. I did wash it too. I really like this car wash on second street. They are a dollar for 3 minutes and thirty seconds. Not to bad a deal. They have a good clear coat system which is supposed to be good for the paint...Something when hinky with my last post too. I think I interupted the flow of data. Posted by Hello

Check it out. Second Street and Coltrane in Edmond, OK. Unleaded is $1.94. I did not fill up today. Today was the day not to fill up the tank with gas according to some crazy email that was going around. I hope you did not fill up today so we can effect change. Did anyone believe that? I can't believe the prices.  Posted by Hello

I stopped at the Red Velvet Bakery, Sweet Treats on the way home. The camera was in the front seat and I got a photo of the cookies. They were delicious.  Posted by Hello
Well, it has been a day. I am a bit tired.
I drove by the gas station this morning. Something over $2.00 for a gallon of premium. I am so happy I drive a hybrid, around 55 mpg. The Honda Insight. Gas/electric mix. It is a great little car. Two seats so not to practical for the average consumer but for me it is great. Every family should have one. Drive it around. When, really, do you drive with more then two people in the car. I will try to get the car washed and photos taked this afternoon and posted up.
The one bad thing. I have been driving this car around since 2000. It was an oddity. Nobody was driving them. All of the sudden, every star in Hollywood is driving a Hybrid. They are the hot car. People doing the environmentally friendly right thing, making a statement. Where were they three years ago when the hybrids first came out. What took so long to figure it out? Is it only motivated by $2 plus gas prices? If gas were $1.10 again nobody would be driving these fantastic vechicles. The price I pay for leading the pack from behind.

Here is a close up of the land across the street. Our house is the one in the upper left of the photo, it has a beautiful green roof. You can see the barn right on the edge of the picture. There will be open space directly in front of us across the street. This is a positive.  Posted by Hello

Well, we went before the Edmond Planning Commission last night. It was about 10:40 when we finally received an audience. They approved the land across the street as being okay for development. We knew it would happen. 177 homes on 320 acres. That is really not too bad. Do you see the U shaped clearing in the picture? That is the land that will be placed into a conservation easement. It can never be developed. This is at least a positive. On a negative they are going to build crappy houses. The building codes call for homes with no orginally and more of the same old crap you can see all around Edmond. Nothing new, nothing different. I question. They think that only those homes sell. They do not know what will sell because they never build anything else. Ever drive into Santa Fe? What is wrong with those houses? Adobe, metal roof, muted colors. What about the housing addition outside of Taos? It is called EarthShip. Check it out sometime. That is what I would like to see across the street. Or the housed my Uncle David designs as he was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Anything but the ordinary, plain ole, track housing of suburbia. On a bright note, If you ever wanted to be my neighbor now is your chance.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well, last night we had a meeting with Derek Turner and Patrick Myers. They are the folks developing the land across the street. They were able to calm some fears but I am still concerned with the density of homes on the land. It makes sense to have open area in a Conservation Easement. I like the idea of protecting the land for ever and ever but to go from 90,000 sq feet to 40,000 sq feet on a lot size seems a bit extreme. I am sure they have it figured for optimum cost/benefit and want to make a buck while being fair to the character of the land. We go before the city planning commission tonight. We are behind the Wal-Mart deal going in next to the Fox Lake addition. It is going to be a whopper. If you want some entertainment tonight you really should drop by the Edmond Planning Commission meeting tonight at 5:30 at the council chambers.

Girls, if you come by my booth at Paseo I will give you some glass. Especially if we are not selling anything it will make it look like we are... Ladies choice within reason too.

School is coming near an end. Breathe.

Here is a photo of the lampworking station at the barn. It is really a very nice setup. If you are interested in learning how to make glass beads and whatnot let me know.  Posted by Hello

Monday, May 17, 2004

Okay, there are more photos to post but I am trying to be selective. Here is a selection of glass that Drew has been producing. I really like my digital camera. It is a Sony 505-V. I bought is about three years ago. It is still really effective. Now that this program is available I will probably be taking more photos. This hello interface also makes it easy to post a caption or entry for the blogger. I am happy with it but it is somewhat limited. Maybe with editing (not for spelling mind you) in the blogger system this will be a highly effective manner of blogness. Tell me to cease and dissest if this format does not work for you.  Posted by Hello

Here are some pilsner style drinking glasses Brent has been working on. They are a cobolt color and are very beautiful. I really like the shape of this glass. I hope you all enjoy seeing these photos. Let me know. I like being able to post them up with relative ease.  Posted by Hello

Here is a pendant. Brent has been coming out and working and making things. He has a lampworking torch and works in borosilicate glass. He can create a variety of items, but this is one on my favoriate pieces. Brent has also been working in the hot studio for about six weeks or so. He will have some things at the Paseo festival so be sure to check it out.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 16, 2004

This is a banana cream pudding with vanilla wafers. It is on the dessert table at the Sunday Buffet. Notice the chocolate gateau beside it. That is my very favoriate dessert. Rich and smooth. It is like a little bit of heaven. Posted by Hello

This is the fountain out on the patio at the restaurant, Lottinvilles Wood Grill Posted by Hello