Saturday, June 05, 2004

We went to dinner tonight at Nikz. It is a very delightful meal. We took my folks out for my mom's birthday. The food was really every good. The service was great. It is definately a special occasion place to go. The place spins around so if you get sea sick make sure and sit facing forward.
We had a glass class today through the museum. It was a great class. Very good students, very interested in the process. Once again tomorrow too.
Soon to New Orleans. I do not think I have the techniqual knowledge to do the audio blog as my freezie counterpart but I am taking my laptop to the convention so Pics should be posted.
Have a good reat of the weekend.

Friday, June 04, 2004

I tried to upload that photo this morning and it would not connect. Something wrong with the system.
The story: One of the cool things about being an artist ( I loosely refer to myself with that moniker) is that you get to meet other artists. At the Paseo someone walks up to the booth and says, "I really like your work." Looking up I say, "I really like your work also." Standing there is Robin Orbach Starke. She is a fantastic sculpturess. She looked around and picked out a vase she liked. She asked if she could return in a while to pick it up. I said that was fine and asked if she would be interested in trading art. She returned with this beautiful work. Our collection grows.

Kashmir is playing right now. Page and Plant Live. It is good. A bit older sounding right now. The deep rich tones of Robert Plant's voice had done very well with time. I do so like the Honeydripper years.

Have a great weekend.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

It seems to be going around. Change is needed. or perhaps just something is needed to rejuvinated the soul. Summer is supposed to be that time. But today. I had a couple of hours just here and nothing really to do. I even did the dishes, well loaded the dishwasher and pushed go.
Not sure what is missing. Maybe not missing but something. Thought about getting a hair cut tomorrow. Maybe that change would do me some good. Probably not and would regret it later. Velvet Monkey Too maybe.
I have in mind what I think I need but that is just wrong. My mind is a place to stay away from right now.
Have fun.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Okay, intimate moment. Here and now. I did not walk at the graduation ceremony. Many reasons I suppose but nothing outstanding. Granted I did not really want to celebrate such a difficult and mind numbing task but that is not really an excuse.
I have some kind of social insecurity. I do not like large gatherings of people brought together for a time of celebration and watching. It is not the crowds. I do not mind that. It seems to be the event. Graduations, weddings, funerals, something. I am not sure what.
In eighth grade I made honor society. There was a big event on evening. I told the counslor I did not want to attend and she said that I had to go. I told my folks I did not want to go and they made me. I never made honor society again throughout my high school career. There was something about that event that I protested. That is not the event that makes me to not want to do those kinds of things but it is the first event of that sort where I remember not wanting to attend.
Psychotherapy would be a solution but really the solution is not necessary. Do I want to change? Not really. Is that social dysfunction really all that dysfunctional? Is this character defect destructive? I wonder?
That is the most bestest ice cream I have tasted in a long while. The bitterness that is usually associated with *$'s coffee was not there. It iwas a rich and delithgful flavor on my tounge. Thank you for the mud pie recommendation.
Well, sorry to have to tell you folks this. I slept in today. almost until 9:00 a.m. Went out and did about an hours worth of weed eating and mowing. I am going to try to do about an hour a day of that kind of thing. It will keep the mess down and I will not stress over having to do four hours of it in a row. As for sleeping in, it really was my full intention to awake at 6:30 amd get started with the day's activities. Alas. No pressing need to pull myself out of bed so I did not.
More to do. I just wanted to check in with you all. Have a wonderful day blessed people.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Paseo Festival was great. We really had a wonderful show and I would like to thank everyone who came by the booth to support us. Thank you all.
I got some sun. I am extremely tired. I still have to unload the truck but it is all worth it. There are pictures posted at Drew's wifes site. I am not sure of the address. I will find out and post it up.
We have a four oclock meeting for summer school and those girls have class tonight. It is almost finished folks. Keep on keeping on.