Friday, June 25, 2004

Thank you ladies for the dinner last evening. It was a delight. It had been much to long in seeing you all and much too long since I had to oppertunity to get caught up. I was half expecting a Flash Mob to occur at Chili's since it was posted by DD. I figured everybody in town would be there to make it a wild, dance on the tables, affair. It was delightful with just the four of us.
That did get me to thinking. Maybe the Mob are now technogeeks. They have to speak in code for the internet. Hanging Cable for a Network is a Jamacian Necktie. Installing a Router is a shot to the back of the head. Streaming Packets is running drugs. It really is a very good metaphor and a place for those darn mobsters to hide. You do know that Oklahoma is like the number one state for Witness Protection.
I really need to do some weed eating before any more rain hits. I am trying to get motivated but all the Hostess Ding Dongs have been eaten yesterday so I have nothing to get my energy level pumped up.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

And in one email everything changes. I am working on the cht3 website and got news today that half of what I was preparing for is not wanted. Back to the drawing board, or should I say the Fireworks.
I was able to mow today. It is good. About three hours on the mower going around in something like a circle. Some strait lines, most a little curvy. but the edges of a square sort of resemble a circle when going around and around. Weed eating tomorrow. Happy happy, joy, joy.
It sure does beat being in class even it is nearly the last one you all ever have to attend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Well, I worked in the studio for about twelve hours yesterday. It was a very good day. The students from the museum did a bunch of fine work. Paperweights. I will try to get some pictures tomorrow to post.
Speaking of pictures. I was thinking I would just walk around with my camera all the time and take photos and post them up using hello. It is so difficult to get into any routine. Difficult to do something new. Heck it is difficult for me to open my mail and listen to voice mail and return phone calls.
There are like seven steps to lessen the chaos in life. I think the first is to do the thing that is right in front of you. I have not been doing those things that need to get done. I need to change my focus and change my behaviors and start completing the tasks at hand. They are never difficult or unpleasant. They are just tasks. Alas, I did help wash the dishes this morning. We let them pile up for about a week or so and then load the dishwasher. Does anyone really load the dishwasher with only one plate or utensil? After you use something do you lay it on the counter, put it in the sink, or put it in the dishwasher?
Monday. I did go for the coffee. I was able to also find a really cool old microfiche holder. It is metal, has 24" pull out drawers, is old and did I say really cool. I will try to get a photo of it posted too. I am looking for one or two more like this. They are great for holding glass rods. They keep them clean and organized. These beauties are not easy to find either. Keep your eyes peeled.
We had Hideaway Pizza on Monday. It is a really good pie. Tuesday's they serve it up Dim Sum style. That would be a treat. I have been eating Grape Nuts and Hostess Ding Dongs for Breakfast. Who am I kidding, I eat the Ding Dongs all day long. Something grand about the chocolate coating, the creamy center. I like to eat all the coating off the thing and then suck out the white goo.
All is well.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Monday morning, I love this rain. It is so wonderful. I wish it would rain like this everyday. The afternoons are so nice too. Not much new on the home front. I need to get this CHT3 website posted and off the ground but I have not heard back from K.S. to see what needs to be done next.
I was thinking about making the drive downtown to get a good cup of the Coffee Dan's. I like hot coffee in the summer. Certainly on a day like today. but in the heat. I think the heat of the liquid makes the body inside heat up and then the heat of the day is all the better. Last week I got meself a triple espresso from Barbara. It was pure heaven.
Give me a call if you want me to pick you up a cup...