Saturday, July 17, 2004

Green & Black's

Green & Black's
Holy Moly. We went to the Akin's on Memorial between Penn & May. It is really a nice place. Very cool. They always have some good chocolates at the checkout stand. I picked up a Green & Blacks 70% cocoa. It is so very savory. A small square on the tounge. Let it melt into the farthest reaches of the taste buds. Let it linger. The endorphanes kick in and the tingle at the base of the skull where the spinal cord enters is delightful. Go there now and buy a bar.
I am learning to stomach Panera's coffee. It is not too bad to mix the dark roast with the house blend. This coupled with a chocolate crousiant and all is well in the world. It is good to have a fast connection to the Internet as well. It makes me happy. online at home is so very slow. Only bad thing is it is a public place so no viewing of porn.
They have changed up the interface on Blogger again. just adding more functionality to the text. You can easily change colors and bold and what not now... even number lists. upload image too. They have brought back the change time and date section. Very cool.
Be sure to visit my bulletin board if you have not yet. Granted it is really dorky.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Drew created this lovely piece. It is about three inches tall. The blues and pink colors are on the inside and the white/grey is on othe outside. This photo does do no justice to the piece.  Posted by Hello

Here I am at Panera and trying all the features of this program. I hope you all do not mind seeing these images. Sorry dawn and ice, no nudes. Posted by Hello

Brent created this vase. It is a lovely piece. It is about 12 inches tall. Yellow color wrapped with a white band, it has a blue pulled foot and a clear standing foot. This sold yesterday. Posted by Hello

Here is my brother, Zack. He is currently in Alaska fishing for salmon. I downloaded the Picasa software for free today. It scans the computer for photos and organizes them and what not. It looks like a pretty good application.  Posted by Hello

Here is a nice little vase with a ruffled rim. It is an opal rose and cornflower blue color scheme. It is about 6 inches tall. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Here is a lovely vase I did a couple of days ago. Nile Green and Sari Blue. I think the colors are great and the shape is wonderful too.  Posted by Hello
Maybe I should start playing poker. I really dig the World Poker Tour. It is great to watch. Anytime you all want to get together to play some cards let me know.
I have new photos posted of some of our work. Check it out if you get the time. Some really good things being created as of late.
It is crazy. A couple of days off from blogging and I feel an empty space here. I went to Edmond and did a little technology work. Few more hours to go. I have to finish up that checklist too.
We were working in the studio and finally burned out the coils in the furnace. It will take a while to get it running again.
I am going to South Dakota soon. It will be a nice trip. It is really a good time just to recharge.
Not much else. I will fill more in as time allows.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

A photo from China. I am going to use this one in the profile until I find another. Posted by Hello
Another day. It is not too bad. There is so much paperwork for this internship that I think I am going to puke. At least it is not as bad as those poor saps just coming in to teach and working on their residency packets. Just keep on keeping on and do the next right thing. Do the thing that is right in front of you (me) and complete it. I need to mow this afternoon. The grass is tall from the rain. The mower needs oil.
It is difficult to work when I just want to go out and blow glass. Must stay focused. Must do the work. Must not give into temptation.