Monday, July 19, 2004

Trying to get all my shopping completed. It is great fun. I got a couple of Sun Showers at academy. They are great. They do get so hot it is hard to touch the water. They make for great dish washing stations. I always seem to buy more then I need. I have to go through stuff tonight to make sure I have cooking stuff and what not too.
This could be my last entry for about a week or so. I hope everyone is well and can manage through the day without having the oppertunity to read about my life.
I am thinking on October 27th having an Ice Cream Social. Mark your calendars now. Bring a pint to share... It is supposed to be a full moon too.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Watching Charlie's Angels tonight. We were watching it the other night too. There is this cop. He has a line, I can't remember what he said. The voice was that of a Wilson. Credits roll. Andrew Wilson. Internet Movie DataBase has him listed. It is amazing. He is in all of the Wilson/Stiller movies. Crazy. Never really connected it before.
Just had to share that before going to bed.
I was surfing around yesterday and saw that OKCCC is looking for adjunct professors. They have an opening in Sociology. I think I will apply. My degree is in Sociology from UCO and I have 19 hours toward a criminal justice MA, and now a Masters in Instructional Technology. I think I qualify. I think it would be interesting to teach higher education. It would be worth applying for at least. I have not kept up my Vita as of late. I am going to have to try to find something resembling one.
In other news. I think I finished the checklist. Now just a couple of more papers to write. Hope everyone is coming along as well.